Thursday, 8 September 2016

Why choose engineered wood flooring over real wood?

When it comes to flooring, very little beats the look of real wood.  A solid wood floor is what most would consider to be the ideal but in fact engineered wood flooring can be more practical, less costly and still give you the effect you want. The finish achieved is high end and luxurious, but the flooring is more functional and lower maintenance.

Here are 10 facts that may make you change your mind about going for real wood and choose engineered wood instead:
  1. High quality flooring

Engineered wood is constructed in layers with the top layer of veneer, known as the wear layer, giving the flooring its look. This layer of veneer needs to withstand lots of traffic from people coming and going, pets, marks and dirt.  The thickness of the wear layer denotes its durability – the thicker, the tougher – and this top layer can range from 1mm to 5mm thick.
  1. Looks just like a real wood floor

Engineered wood flooring has come a long way since it first became widely available and these days it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between engineered and solid wood flooring.
  1. A wide variety to choose from

The wear layer can be made from any sort of wood like oak, walnut, beech or maple so it comes in lots of colours and styles and the designs available are very wide and varied.  There is a choice of plank detailing like single plank, 2 strip and 3 strip plank.  Then there are different finishes available; satin, matt and oiled. Many floors are also offered with design-led treatments, including coloured stains, bevelled edges and tactile treatments, like hand scraping and brushing.  With so much choice available you really can find the perfect floor for you.
  1. Sustainable flooring

Engineered constructions only use hardwood in the top layer.  Fast growing wood, like spruce, poplar and pine, is then used below the floor’s joint, for the core and base layers.  So, nature’s resources are used more sensibly.  Look out for floors which are made from sustainable hardwood.
  1. Hard-wearing flooring

Engineered wood is constructed in such a way that it is very tough and actually more stable than real wood.  It can withstand the footfall of a busy family home and feels solid underfoot. However, there still needs to be caution around humid areas and wet rooms as moisture can still penetrate the layers.  Although engineered wood can be used in bathrooms and kitchens, always check with manufacturer’s advice before installing in these areas.
  1. You get what you pay for

Engineered wood comes with a long warranty and is seen as an investment.  Of course you will pay more than for laminate flooring, but your engineered wood floor will give you 12 to 30 guaranteed years of wear.
  1. Time for a change?

Engineered wood floors can be re-sanded and refinished if necessary. Perfect if you find the floor has got scratched over the years, or you tire of the colour. Most floors won’t need refurbishing for decades but, if you want to, you can sand a quality engineered construction several times – just like solid wood.  However, always check your manufacturer’s warranty beforehand.
  1. Low maintenance flooring

Engineered wood is easier to look after than a real wood floor that needs lots of care with specialist chemicals and products. Just a quick clean with a microfibre or well-wrung mop coupled with the occasional waxing, and your floor will look as good as new.
Floors with oiled finishes will also benefit from the odd ‘top-up’.  Look out replenishing oil treatments that can be mopped onto the surface.
  1. Easy Installation

The 5G locking system of engineered wood flooring means it is very simple to install.  The flooring clicks together, much like laminate flooring, creating one solid floor – or floating floor.  This gives the wood room to naturally expand and contract, eradicating the risk of buckling and keeping it looking lovely.
  1. The healthy option!

As wood is completely natural, it won’t emit any harmful toxins.  Its smooth surface also doesn’t harbour dust or allergens, making it the healthiest choice for your family.

Check out our extensive range of engineered wood flooring and bring a touch of the luxurious into your home.

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