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Wooden Flooring: Everything you need to know and more...

It's not just the walls that lend a first impression on interiors of a house or office, elegant flooring also makes a world of difference to the interior environment. Among the various flooring options available in market today wooden flooring is fast climbing the popularity ladder. Wooden flooring not only provides your room a distinct look but also a hygienic environment. It does not harbor dust mites or moulds, thus creating better air quality for home inhabitants.

Types of wooden floors 

Wooden flooring is a lifetime investment so the type you choose for your home or office should be selected with due care. There is not much of a variance in quality among the available products today except the difference in patterns. Basically there are three types of wooden flooring patterns, technically known as plain, parquet, plank and strip. These patterns could be simply described as plain, stripes and chequered pattern on wood. Rahul Bhagat of Leaders Floors explains, "Notion brand offers four types of wooden flooring namely, 1 Strip, 3 Strip, Multi Strip and Fine Line (brand names for patterns). The main difference in these four products is that of pattern."

Apart from pattern, colors differentiate type of wooden floors. Wooden floors are available in different wood (brown) shades. Darker shades are selected for high traffic areas to conceal the dust and other stains while lighter shades are preferred for making the room space look bigger.

Price and guarantee 

Wood floors add value to your room but it comes with a price tag. Price of wood floor ranges from Rs. 100 to Rs. 250 per square foot including fitting charges compared to Rs. 75 per square foot for normal tiles.

This means that if you're planning to get wooden flooring then it would cost you somewhere between Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 2,50,000 (per 1000 sq. Although wood flooring is very popular, few people prefer to get their entire house covered by it. Mainly wooden flooring is done in bedrooms and living room for aesthetic appeal. Moreover it is even costlier than good quality tiles and marble. Expensive it may be, but the wooden flooring comes with guarantees unlike some other flooring products, from 15 years, 30 years and lifetime warranties.


Maintenance of any product is equally important as its purchase. Caring for wooden floors is a little more than simple sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. Unlike other flooring, wooden floors in bedroom demands more precaution. Like mopping is the last thing which should be done on the wooden floor. Performing routine maintenance as recommended by manufacturer; which includes sweeping and vacuuming to remove dirt and grit, always increases life of the wood. Using wax or polish could harm the wood. However not following the instructions of the manufacturer could even void the guarantee. To increase the life of wood, cleaning should be done on regular basis in the area with more usage.

Where can wooden floors be installed? 

With the variety of patterns and colours available, wooden flooring can be installed in any room of an office or house, except the bathroom. Apart from homes and offices wooden floors are becoming popular even in hotels, restaurants and showrooms.

Some places are more appealing than others, whether it is a house, office, restaurant or a showroom. Flooring makes an evident difference in uplifting the aesthetics of your decor.

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