Friday, 9 October 2015

Wooden Flooring: Textures, Floor Styles and Finishes


Hand scraped is a particular design style that makes wood look aged. The individual planks are made to look like they were carved by hand. This makes them wavy on the top rather than being perfectly smooth. Hand scraped material do not have a wax finish. This makes them easy to clean and maintain. Any wear and tear that the wood may suffer is lost in the texture, making the floor planks' visual appeal last longer. Hand scraped textures are available in both solid and engineered hardwood and can be simulated on laminate and vinyl planks as well.


Distressed is similar to hand scraped finishes in that the purpose is to make the wood look aged. However, distressed wood goes through a process that bends the wood to create cracks and lines down the plank while maintaining the boards structural integrity. This keeps the surface of the plank smooth while still having the textured appearance. While it started in hardwood, distressed looks are used primarily in laminate floors.


French bleed floors have darkened edges that emphasize the bevel outlining each wood plank to create and old and aged look to the wood. This gives the floor an appearance of age and thickness. This style is found in both laminate and hardwood floors.


Embossed in register is a feature in laminate flooring where a surface has different heights following the pattern and wood grains of the image. This means that darker areas may be set deeper into the plank, for instance. This creates a stronger look to the wood texture and feels bumpy to touch.


An embossed finish is almost same is embossed in registration but the raised wood does not follow the image pattern. This also has a bumpy feel and strong texture.


High gloss finishes have a slick, smooth, and shiny surface, similar to look on a piano's surface. Laminates with a glossy finish are created to have the same look as pre-finished wood. These floors need very little maintenance, just an occasional sweep with a dust mop or broom, but the finish can begin to chip under frequent stress.


Matte is the standard finish for most floors. They have a semi-shiny appearance and look like real wood. This finish is used in laminates and is the look of most vinyl plank surfaces.

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